Complete vehicle

Our experts are available to you for all components and systems, from simulation and calculation, NVH requirements, testing and validation to vehicle construction. With safety: active and passive.

The virtual deployment of innovative functional and component concepts constitutes an integral part of our development work. We constantly check customer-specific requirements for their manufacturing feasibility to guarantee a seamless start of production. Front-end modules, with their countless sub-assemblies, are predominantly produced by M Plan from metal and plastic using hybrid technology. M Plan develops solutions that result in increased strength and also improve the integration of functions and components. Additionally, we highlight our customers' brand identity with our high quality design engineering of headlamps and rear lights.

M Plan supervises seat systems right through to start of production and develops solutions for complete seats, their metal structure, foam cushions and covers, panels, adjustment mechanisms and drives. Our portfolio also includes attachments, such as armrests and headrests, incorporating accessories like phone equipment, cup holders and shelves. Headrest development involves both passive and active systems, including preliminary developments for pyrotechnic active systems.

M Plan also prepares functional analyses and concepts for instrument holders and centre consoles in cockpits, designs kinematics systems and carries out FMEA strength tests and tolerance analyses. We also assist our customers in the development of lighting that does not fatigue drivers. Our experts devise new concepts for integrating trunk compartment systems, the key here being flexible trunk compartments, cargo management systems, goods securing straps (protection against slippage), loading and unloading aids and multifunctional transport containers.