Unsere Zukunft: Wir fusionieren mit FERCHAU Automotive

Zum 01.01.2022 fusionieren wir mit dem Geschäftsbereich der FERCHAU Automotive. Mit diesem Neustart bündeln wir unser technologisches Know-how und unsere Kompetenzen, um gemeinsam die Mobilität der Zukunft zu gestalten.

As a freelancer, you have skills that can be of huge benefit in mobility engineering – however due to the progressive consolidation of suppliers who are subject to framework contracts, it is increasingly difficult for freelance experts to find a place in the market. Our offer to you: a professional and fair partnership with M Plan.

Basis of cooperation

Our model for free­lan­cers

Development work today is so complex that no single company can master all the disciplines. Thus we regard the integration of freelancers as an enhancement to our business. You benefit too: you will be integrated into end-to-end development processes at M Plan. You will work with our interdisciplinary teams to solve real challenges. Above all, with us you will increase your capacity – reliably, calculably and permanently.

Current Projects

Assis­tance wanted

You can find further information and current project opportunities on the German website m-plan.com.